Episode 36: See The Other Side with Sara K. Daigle

Meet my friend Sara K. Daigle, a trained neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) expert and hypnotherapist living in Portland, Maine. She tells her story of being born and abandoned at nursery in Calcutta, India. She was subsequently adopted at six weeks old and came to America.

Sara is the creator of the Unveil, Unlock and Unleash coaching program where she works to help her clients remove the energy blocks and achieve greatness. Her knowledge of the subconscious mind and how it works is extensive and now she is teaching others mindset techniques that she used to reprogram old belief systems, release negative emotions and rewiring her brain.

Sara spent a decade working for a credit card processor handling accounts for very prominent internet marketers. She talks about her personal growth and development path, working with coaches and mentors that has led her to take the leap into entrepreneurship full time. We talk about the importance of mindset in your life and your business.

An introvert by nature, Sara shares her struggles with anxiety and panic and how she now helps others to step into their power. We talk about her decision to step away from the corporate life and move to her next chapter as a small business owner where she is visible.

Sara also talks about her alopecia, an autoimmune disease, that has resulted in her losing hair at 18 months old until she was ten. She shares how she has worked to boost her immune system through healthy nutrition and having a positive mindset. She talks about the fear of judgement and how it held her back for many years.

I love Sara’s beliefs about sharing your gifts, stepping into your power to help others and how to see the other side.

Episode 36: See The Other Side with Sara Daigle
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