Episode 35: Serve From Overflow with Laura DiFranco

On this episode I interview Laura DiFranco, fellow podcaster, blogger and author of Brave Healing: A Guide for Your Journey about her Brave Girl story. Weaving together over two decades of healing experience and therapeutic writing skills, Laura’s book gives you tools that redefine healing. She is an expert holistic physical therapist as well as multi-passionate woman on a mission to help other women feel better in their bodies. I just really connected with Laura as she shares information about her workshops, mastermind groups, and writing programs. We also talk about why we both love podcasting so much and how it pays it forward in the world.

I love how knowledgeable Laura is about the mind-body-spirit connection and what she learned by training in the martial arts. We talk about trusting your intuition and exercises that you can do when you need to make a decision. She also shares how she has used blogging to grow her audience and build her platform. We talk about the importance of self-care as women and why we often neglect our own needs and how that leads to burnout. She shares why we need proper nutrition, exercise, sleep and a spiritual practice in order to serve others. We discuss why and how sleep heals and nourishes your body and why you need MORE naps to be refreshed and productive.

We also talk about setting boundaries and how to keep commitments to yourself. We have to stand up for ourselves, build a strong support system and show up in the world as our best selves. Laura is so wise, so brave and so kind. I know that you will learn from her.


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