Episode 32: Dream Big with Ariane Hunter

Hey there Brave Girls! I want you to meet Ariane Hunter from Project She Went For Her Dreams, a New York City based boutique personal branding firm that helps female entrepreneurs amplify their voices in the world. Ariane shares her Brave Girl story in the world of advertising and marketing to now owning her own business where she helps other women follow THEIR dreams.

I found her personal story compelling and inspiring. She talks about her decision to not look for another job when she got laid off. She chose to explore her passion with photography and learn about herself through this creative expression. She also became a career coach to women in transition which led her to the business that she has today. Working within corporations and with clients privately, she has built a strong reputation in the marketplace as both cheerleader and coach to other women. I love that Ariane considers her mission to catalyze women into positions of power, influence, & leadership in business and beyond. Ariane has created a Dreamer’s Library that you’ll want to check out if you are looking for insights into topics like networking, starting a business and positioning yourself for success. We talk about the power of speaking to larger audiences to build your personal brand and spread your message. We also talk about the importance of journaling, meditation, yoga and other modalities for personal growth. We share our favorite authors in the leadership development space to include Carol Dweck, Tara Mohr and Brene Brown.

I hope that you remember to DREAM BIG as a result of hearing what Ariane Hunter shares on this episode of the Brave Girl podcast. Be sure to follow her on Instagram. Enjoy the show.

Episode 32: Dream Big with Ariane Hunter

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