Episode 31: On Being Human with Lisa Diane McCall

Meet Lisa Diane McCall from Explore the Dark Heart who I met at the Baltimore Book Festival. She’s a life coach and the author of The Rhythm of the Soul: A Journey of Loss and Discovery. A zoologist by training, she finds nature fascinating and she’s interested in all things people and culture. A researcher in the international public health space, she loves observing people and using her skills to direct a clinical study on HIV/Hep C. She talks about her work at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health and what she has learned from the patients over the past fifteen years.

Lisa also talks about her vision quests in Utah and the Sahara Desert and the personal growth work that she has done in her life. She explains what is involved with the steps of vision questing to include separation, sacred (you reflecting in nature) and then incorporating (what you take back to your community from the shifting that has occurred). She talks about the importance of the process you use when you re-enter the world after your energy has shifted within you.

Lisa’s mystical realism book showcases the Tuareg culture, the history of the war in Algeria, and life in the desert. Always a researcher, she undertook deep study of the people, their stories and the land in order to write the book and bring greater awareness of these people to the world.

We talk about self-sabotage and how the inner critic influences all of us. She talks about voice dialogue coaching to build your awareness around our behaviors. We talk about people pleasing behaviors and the negative impact it has on your results. As a trained life coach, Lisa works with her clients to shift their awareness and behaviors from many of their default actions. We also talk about the shadow work that she does with her clients.

I hope you enjoy hearing Lisa’s wisdom as much as I did when we chatted.

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