Episode 30: Celebrate Change with Sara Khaki

Joining me today on the Brave Girl podcast is my friend, Sara Khaki, founder and CEO of Atlanta Divorce Law Group and the Khaki Law Firm (recently named one of the fastest growing law firms in the United States!). She shares the story of her journey as the daughter of Iranian parents and how they flew to Switzerland as a family and then ultimately sought asylum in Sweden as refugees. She shares how her mother’s spiritual practice influenced her as a teenager and how that influences the work she does today. She also shares why in 1996, she and her family immigrated to America to create a new life. You’ll love the wisdom that Sara shares through her brave girl story. She eloquently explains all of the lessons that she learned through the moves from country to country and how that inspires her work today.

Sara also shares the Happily Ever After ™ process that she created and now uses with her clients as part of her law practice where she wants to de-stigmatize divorce. She talks about the guilt and shame that people may experience as a result of the changing relationship and how it does not have to be that way. She encourages us to celebrate change when we need to bravely transition out of our relationship. Her vision for her clients is to make the relationship functional and heal the dysfunction. Her talented team specializes in holistically helping individuals through the transitions associated with separation and divorce. Her method has proved to be extremely successful for so many people.

I know that you will love to learn about Sara’s brave girl journey immigrating to the United States and having to learn English so she could succeed in the long term. Her quiet courage is inspiring and I just love her spirit. Now, let’s meet my friend, Sara.

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