Episode 3: Overtime Is So Over With Ashley Sutton

I’m excited to share my conversation with Ashley Sutton, a Brave Girl living in New York City working as a consumer marketing expert and published author. Originally from Texas she talks about her journey from earning her MBA to working in the cosmetic industry in the Big Apple. She’s worked for global brands like Mattel and Avon and today markets brands like Peppa the Pig for Entertainment One. She shares what her mentors and leaders have taught her in her corporate career and how she took their advice to heart.

We go deep on the concepts in Ashley’s book Overtime is SO Over and how to get your life back when work starts to dominate your time. Ashley calls it like it is and tells the truth about overtime. Ashley busts the myths related to why you don’t have work life balance – and it may be YOU. If you are headed towards corporate burnout or have suffered major challenges, then listen to Ashley’s advice. She’s out speaking about this topic that is often not talked about in the corporate world and why you need to know your worth.

I love how Ashley is pursuing her passion to teach others to find their purpose without sacrificing their health or well-being. Her interactive workshops help women how to prioritize themselves first. She’s created a community of like minded women to guide them on their journeys. Her wisdom about learning and leadership is real, raw and refreshing.

I know that you will have a few takeaways from my conversation with Ashley Sutton. I hope you are touched by what we have to say about desire and your WHY. We’ve said yes to our assignment to help other women be BRAVE and choose themselves first.

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