Episode 28: Create Spaciousness with Maria Volovik

This podcast episode is a brilliant conversation with my friend and global citizen Maria Volovik who leads the Own Your Humanity movement. Her brave girl story includes growing up in Estonia, becoming a professional ballroom dancer trotting the globe until she suffered an injury and retired in her twenties. Currently living in Chicago, she explains why some of your biggest lessons come in disguise and how you have to pay attention to the whispers. Maria has spent years on her own personal growth and development and now gives herself permission to share her gifts with others through her online platform. She also talks about her journey with her partner Alex over this past year as worked to heal his body of cancer. Thankfully he is in recovery and doing well today. I know that you will love our conversation and you’ll take away so many lessons from Maria including why you need to create spaciousness, why you are always the first cause and that it’s critical to find the blessing in every situation. I’m proud to call Maria my friend and she’s definitely a Brave Girl!

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