Episode 27: Magnetize Opportunities with Raquel Vasallo

On this episode of the show I interview my friend Raquel Vasallo who is an elite spiritual advisor and author that I met a few years ago in a group personal development course. Her book Spiritual Seductress: The High Powered Women’s Guide to Devour the World through Spiritual Guidance is an Amazon best seller that you will want to get a copy. Her near death experience led her to make life altering changes which included a spiritual awakening, a divorce and a move to the West Coast. She chose to leave her successful career as an architect in New York City to follow her calling as a spiritual teacher and advisor where she teaches others to surrender and say yes to themselves. We talk about how to step into your spiritual sensuality and receive abundance. Raquel also shares tips on mindset and reframing to help protect your energy auric field. I know you will love our conversation and will take away some wisdom from Raquel. She’s someone I’ve come to adore, admire and I love how she shines a light on the world in her own unique way. So let’s go.


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