Episode 26: Take A Stand with Jenny Fenig

Today’s episode is incredibly special as I interview my mentor and coach Jenny Fenig. She’s been an instrumental person in my personal and professional growth over the past five years and I’m so happy to share our conversation with you. Jenny is a fantastic business woman, published author and podcaster who loves to share her gifts with her clients through her programs, coaching school and private retreats. Jenny shares some honest, real and raw wisdom and truth bombs on the show that will surely inspire you. She shares how yoga changed her life and why she decided to step away from her six figure corporate life to follow her passion to coach women. Jenny’s got tons of advice on marketing your business and what’s she learned in the ten years that she’s been as her own boss.  I especially like Jenny’s perspective on following her curiosity and why using data and then running experiments in her business has evolved her offerings. She also talks about the personal growth and development industry and what she sees going on in the marketplace. I hope you love listening in on our conversation and understand why Jenny firmly believes it’s time to take a stand in the world today and to use your platform for good.


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