Episode 25: Uncover the Meaning with Priya Soni

On this episode I interview my friend Priya Soni, leader of The Caregiving Effect movement to understand why she created this community. Her story is inspiring and motivating and I know you will enjoy what she has to say. She talks about her upbringing where she learned the power of storytelling and creative expression right at the dining room table. Her interest in theater was sparked early on and led her to study drama therapy and other modalities of healing. I came into to contact with Priya shortly after my father’s passing and she was so supportive as I worked through my grief. Priya also was her father’s caregiver and has stepped into her purpose as the leader of the movement and community of adults now caring for their parents around the world. I love how wise and articulate Priya is and believe that she is living proof that you can learn lessons even from the lowest and most painful points in your life. We talk about the power of NOW and why surrender can often be the answer when you are a caregiver. I hope you enjoy our conversation about grace, grief and forgiveness.


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