Episode 24: Lost In The Reflecting Pool with Dr. Diane Pomerantz

On today’s show, I interview Dr. Diane Pomerantz, the author of Lost in the Reflecting Pool.A mutual connection brought us together for this recording and I know you will take a few items away from our conversation about her brave girl journey. Her memoir chronicles her personal story of her marriage falling apart and how coped with the situation as she was simultaneously fighting an aggressive form of breast cancer. She shares how writing and journaling allowed her to express her emotions of rage, anger and grief. We talk about her experiences with infertility, miscarriages, adoption and more as a mother. She encourages others to trust what they see and sense in their gut. As she learned to pay attention to her intuition, she found how important it is to share this lesson with other women.  She was fortunate to have a support system outside of her marriage that enabled her to manage her way through the trials. We talk about narcissism and how it manifests in healthy and unhealthy ways and how to cope with these behaviors when someone appears in your circle with these tendencies. I hope you find this episode helpful on your journey.


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