Episode 23: Work With Good People with Cheryl Dillard Staurulakis

On this episode of the podcast, I talk with the Film Goddess –Cheryl Staurulakis someone that I’ve come to know over the past few years through my husband’s acting circle of friends. She’s on fire as a international producer, director, investor, and connector in the global film world. You’ll want to check out her documentaries and feature films. We talk about the storyline of Lady Ganga, a documentary that Cheryl was instrumental in bringing out into the world that documented Michele Frazier Baldwin’s journey to paddle board over 700 miles down the Ganges River after she was diagnosed with late stage cervical cancer. The film has jump started a global movement to eliminate cervical cancer worldwide and Cheryl is right in the center of the movement. She also shares her South by Southwest experience and how she manages to have multiple projects up in the air at the same time. I know you’ll find our conversation fascinating, especially if you have any interest in the inner workings of the film industry. Listen in to find out the bravest thing that Cheryl has ever done and how it inspires her today.


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