Episode 22: Walk The Talk with Lori Gibson-Washington

On this episode I interview my coaching colleague and mastermind sister, Lori Gibson-Washington, Founder and CEO of the Calming Coach.  She talks about being born and raised in Los Angeles in the 60’s as the daughter of community activists and how that laid the foundation for her future in the corporate arena and as an entrepreneur. A graduate of Georgetown University, Lori spent time as a human resources professional at American Express before launching her own consulting and coaching business. We talk about what she’s learned from her mentors about servant leadership and the importance of listening, especially as it relates to conflict resolution. We also talk about the platinum rule and how that can help you in more ways than one. Lori and I chat about how to onboard feedback that may be difficult to hear and why self-care is so important when you are a leader. Lori, a classically trained soprano, shares the power of music in her life.  I hope you find a gem or two in our conversation that will help you on your leadership journey. As always, go out there and let your brilliance shine!


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