Episode 21: Listen In with Allison Manswell

On today’s episode of Brave Girls we chat with Allison Manswell, a human resources professional and published author. I first met Allison when she worked in corporate human resources and she facilitated a team building and strategy session for the corporate communications team that I led. I was so IMPRESSED by her. 

Originally from Montreal, Canada and a member of the Royal Canadian Police, she tells of her journey from when I met her in corporate to owning her own firm where she consults with organizations on all things people. She recently celebrated her one year anniversary in business which is a big accomplishment.

She’s a published author and speaker with expertise in human behavior, including specific knowledge in leadership. She shares her views on leadership and why the platinum rule is more important than the golden rule. We talk about intention versus impact and what the difference is. We also talk about why an orientation towards speed may not be a good thing in an organizational culture. We also talk about business strategy, change management, collaboration, teamwork, accountability and more on this episode.

Allison shares some gems from her book Listen In: Crucial Conversations on Race in the Workplace and why she was compelled to write what she wrote. I’m so glad that Allison did not ignore the call to write her books despite her fear and resistance. She used her background as a behavioral scientist to start and lead the conversation around race relations.

We also talk about what it means to be a working mom in the world and how Allison approached decision making at home and work. She also shares what it meant to get divorced and shifting to a co-parenting relationship with her three sons.

With that, I know that you’ll want to follow Allison’s work in the world and I think you’ll love our conversation on this episode of Brave Girls with Tracy Imm.


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