Episode 2: No One Is Coming To Rescue You With Mary Lou Kayser

Tracy Imm here. I’m really excited to share episode 2 of the Brave Girl podcast where I chat with my good friend Mary Lou Kayser from the Pacific Northwest about navigating the river of life and what she learned when she was a white water rafting guide in Alaska. She drops some incredible gems in our conversation about mindset that I’m sure you will absolutely LOVE!

On this episode, we talk about Mary Lou’s leap of faith into entrepreneurship after a very successful post secondary teaching career. She’s now modeling to her children how to live a life that matters by working smart and learning from her failures. Mary Lou’s gifts as a writer, editor, teacher and coach are now being shared with thought leaders around the world. She helps them take ideas out of their head and onto a page. We talk about the resistance you face when you are an entrepreneur or a writer and how to overcome fear, doubt and worry.  

She shares the impact that her coaches have had on her and why you need to invest in yourself in order to grow and develop professionally. In addition to her business consulting practice, Mary Lou has a vibrant podcast called Play Your Position where she interviews people pursuing leadership excellence. She’s recorded over 150 interviews that you will want to check out.

I invite you to listen in as Mary Lou shares with me what happened when she found herself stranded on a gravel bar all alone and she has a “God” moment. She shares three vital lessons that she believes she learned that day that apply to life and still inspire and motivate her TODAY.

I hope you enjoy this episode of Brave Girls with Tracy Imm as much as I did creating it. We cover a lot of ground in our conversation that you won’t want to miss!

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