Episode 19: Your Personal Brand Matters with Frances Reimers

On this episode of Brave Girls, I talk with brand expert Frances Reimers from the personal brand consultancy, Firestarter. She talks about how she’s leveraged her business development and content marketing experience at an agency to start her firm where she works with professional athletes, celebrities, politicians, executives and organizations. Her path to entrepreneurship was a leap of faith and she’s never looked back. Her laser like focus on what she wanted to offer and who she wanted to work with helped launch her quickly.

Frances routinely speaks from the stage about personal branding to attract new clients. She gives tidbits to her audience that spark “aha moments” which she absolutely loves. She also advocates speaking as a way to expand your brand presence, share your message and engage potential clients. She shares how she engages audiences during her speech and why she only uses a few Powerpoint slides when she gives a talk.

We talk about how to define, protect, and grow your personal brand through social media and public relations and the approach that Frances takes when she works with her clients. We also talk about crisis communications techniques that can be used when your personal brand is under attack. Frances believes you should create a robust LinkedIn profile to showcase your personal brand and attract new opportunities.

Frances is open, honest and transparent regarding her decision to go out on her own and put it all on the line when she knew it was time. I know that you’ll enjoy listening to my conversation with another Brave Girl, Frances Reimers.


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