Episode 18: Stay In Your Wheelhouse with Jeannie Spiro

On this episode of Brave Girls with Tracy Imm, I chat with accidental entrepreneur Jeannie Spiro who’s shaking things up teaching other women how to monetize their business through speaking from the stage.

She shares her story of how she’s grown her side hustle over time through live events, 1-1 clients, webinars, group programs, courses and speaking as a way to attract new clients. We talk about the different stages of business and how Jeannie has structured her business offerings to her ideal client avatar. We also talk about the ripple effect she is having on the clients of her clients.

Jeannie uses the skills she honed as a tour guide at the Breakers in Newport, Rhode Island when she was a college student to run her business today. We talk about how people want to have “experiences” and how she was able to do 7 tours a day that led tourists into the gift shop where they bought a piece of the Vanderbilt’s history.

Jeannie also talks about the investments she made with  her education and training while she was in corporate and how it was a smart decision before she made the leap to full time entrepreneur. She talks about the “lala” land she lived in when she first started and how once she stayed in her wheelhouse and focused she turned a corner with her business.

If you are thinking about launching a side hustle or taking the leap into full-time entrepreneurship, you’ll want to listen to what Jeannie has to say on this episode about her journey as a Brave Girl.

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