Episode 17: You Are Born Worthy with Ashley E. Watson

On this episode, we talk to psychotherapist and Kundalini yoga teacher, Ashley E. Watson. She talks about her journey as a therapist with a private practice in Greenwich, Connecticut. She also talks about her life coaching practice where she works with clients virtually to help them to go from Point A to Point B. Ashley does a great job explaining the difference between therapy and coaching and which modality to engage in and when to engage in which one.

Ashley also shares her perspective on why we are more open to discussing mental health issues such as depression and anxiety today and how to express your feelings in a healthy way. We also explore the principles of Kundalini yoga and why Ashley was drawn to this practice on her life journey. She also shares how she was able to consciously manifest her soulmate and partner, Josh through meditation and creating a love basket that she surrendered to the Universe. It wasn’t until she changed her habits that she was able to call him into her life. Today they offer workshops to people looking to do the same.

You’ll love Ashley’s views on love, joy and abundance and how to learn how to increase your self-esteem. She also talks about how to not settle in any area of your life and why you should be unapologetic about what you desire.We talk about how important it is to believe that you are worthy and why stillness can be the antidote to reconnect with what you already know. Ashley is a wealth of knowledge when it comes to anxiety and how to deal with it when it affects your daily life.

Ashley also shares a few of the ideas that she’ll be covering in her new book. The Good Girls’ Guide to Becoming an Empowered Woman. I know that you will love our entire conversation as much as I did. With that, I remind you that You are Born Worthy.


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