Episode 16: Rethinking Possible with Rebecca Faye Smith Galli

Today’s episode of Brave Girls with Tracy Imm is one of my favorite episode. I interview the amazing Becky Galli who wrote the book Rethinking Possible. If you haven’t read her memoir, I’d recommend you get a copy. Her writing is prolific and inspirational as she shares her story and thoughts on what it’s like to be in a wheelchair and how to deal with grief, obstacles and challenges that life sends our way.

We talk about the writing process when you write a memoir and telling stories that are bigger than your life. Becky’s style is captivating and draws you in to the emotions of the events she’s had to deal with to include her brother’s tragic death at 17 and her sudden paralysis. She’s been able to connect with her reader’s through her writing.

We talk about the cycles of grief and how to allow it a place in your life that doesn’t consume you. As Becky says when we love deeply, we grieve deeply. We also talk about processing anger and why you shouldn’t isolate in anger or grief.

Becky talks about her journey as a mom and all the lessons that she has learned. She also talks about her divorce and her relationship with her ex-husband and his second wife today. On the episode she also reads the letter that she wrote to her daughter and son-in-law on their wedding day. I’m sure you’ll love the wisdom and guidance that Becky has to share in the letter.

Becky is incredibly resilient and living her purpose through her writing and I know that you’ll be able to learn from her on this podcast. Her book club kit is here: Galli final book club kit 11 8 17


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