Episode 14: Surrender To The Truth with Elaine Wellman

On this episode of Brave Girls, I chat with Elaine Wellman, a Louisville Kentucky native now living in New York City. I first met Elaine five years ago in a group mastermind and we have so many of the same interests from public relations to personal growth and development as well as international travel.

She tells the story of her move to New York after college and her life as a PR agency gal for 15 years. She then spent 10 years supporting French clients doing upscale trade shows and exclusive events in New York. Elaine is a certified coach and she talks about the investments she made on her journey. Fast forward to today and she’s a full time entrepreneur focused on supporting others with event planning to include producing one day workshops, multi-day conferences and transformational retreats in places like Costa Rico and Tulum, Mexico. Elaine handles the details like a pro so the leader can show up and serve their people without having to worry about things like “we have no more coffee.” She provides some tips and tricks if you are thinking about producing an event for your clients. She also understands how to market and sell events and we talk about how to fill the room. She shares her perspective on the importance of having an engaged community over a large list size before you decide to plan an event for your clients.

We talk about the value and power of masterminding to share with other entrepreneurs as you grow your business. You can always go farther when you have these spiritual running buddies in your corner. Elaine tells the story of how she surrendered to the truth and what happened as a result as the Universe rearranged things for her.

I know you’ll love Elaine and what she has to say on this episode of Brave Girls with Tracy Imm.


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