Episode 13: Always Have An Exit Strategy with Dr. Shirley Davis

On this episode of Brave Girls, I speak with my guide and mentor Dr. Shirley Davis, also known as The Success Doctor. She’s one of the most dynamic global female executives that I know and respect. She’s someone that I look up to as a positive role model in the work world and she inspires me so much with her books, trainings and group mastermind programs.

After spending decades in the corporate world, Dr. Shirley launched her own firm where she consults to global organizations in the areas of diversity and inclusion, leadership, organizational development, customer service and communications. She’s a master trainer in the areas of inclusive leadership and unconscious bias and we talk about what she teaches organizations that engage her as they undergo transformation.

During our conversation, she shares her story of stepping out on her own so she could fully live her dream. When she realized that her employer did not support her desire to do more, it was time to develop her exit strategy. That decision has led her to five-figure international keynote speaking opportunities and six-figure consulting assignments where she no longer has to ask permission from a supervisor. Dr. Shirley also talks about her journey to obtaining her PhD before she turned 40 and how it took away any excuse an employer might have to disqualify her.  She believes that we all need to plan for success by developing exit strategy when we find ourselves in difficult situations and need to reinvent ourselves or close a chapter.

We talk about her faith as a foundation and how that has contributed to her positive mindset as she pursues her purpose on earth in this time. She shares her “why” and how she is helping others to step up into their purpose through her story of overcoming obstacles. We also touch on fear and why you need to have faith over fear.

I know you will enjoy listening in on our conversation and will be able to take away a few gems that you can easily implement. So let’s go!


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