Episode 10: Process Your Emotions With Juliet Keeler LeBien

On this episode of Brave Girls with Tracy Imm, I interview licensed social worker Juliet Keeler LeBien about why she loves what she does in the world. Her knowledge is so deep in the area of mental health and I know you’ll learn something new from Juliet about anxiety, trauma, mindfulness, grief, mood disorders or depression. I ask her about her big “why” and how it contributes to who she is today. Her orientation continues to be towards both service and education.

Juliet shares the story of how she decided to leave the Princeton Review to pursue her career in social work. After graduating from Columbia University, Juliet worked at New York Presbyterian Hospital in the neuro unit where she came to better understand trauma and the therapies that help heal people. According to Juliet, there is no “trauma free” card in life. If you’ve experienced trauma at some point in your life, Juliet has some great insights on how to effectively deal with processing your emotions. She explains the difference between shame and guilt. She explains what EMDR is as a therapy modality and how it is proven to be helpful to anyone who has experienced trauma. In addition to her private practice, she now teaches others what she has learned as a therapist around healing modalities.

We talk about the impact that social media has on us emotionally, especially when we scroll and then compare and despair as we take in others highlight reels. Setting boundaries on your social usage is critical to staying sane.

This episode was fun for me and I know you’ll absolutely LOVE Juliet and what she has to say on the show.



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