Constellation Energy: Creating A Cohesive Team

“Tracy was selected by the C-suite to create and lead a cohesive corporate communications team focused on marketing, communications and community relations issues related to Constellation Energy’s generation assets in thirteen states. Tracy led the charge for over six years as the Director of Generation Communications, reporting to the Group President. Her results speak for themselves.”

Constellation Energy’s Chairman of the Board had decided to combine the company’s nuclear and fossil divisions under one leader and thus launch Constellation Generation Group. The organizational focus was on performance improvement, acquisitions and becoming the best power plant operator in the United States. Tracy was hired by the new leader to create a cohesive corporate communications function for the Generation organization with the charge to lead a unified team, develop and execute a strategic communications platform and deliver tangible business results.

She worked with the new CEO and his executive staff to craft the organization’s mission, vision and values as well as its strategic business priorities. An employee communications campaign was implemented to explain the rationale behind the changes and to engage the 6,000 plus employees across the U.S. Tracy also led the effort to increase media and community outreach and participation in key industry forums to raise the visibility of the organization outside the company. She effectively coached, hired and mentored over 25 employees and served as the primary interface with the firm’s public relations firm. During Tracy’s leadership tenure, she was selected to also lead the marketing and communications launch of Constellation’s joint venture with Areva and Bechtel for new nuclear power plant development.

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