Coming Soon: Brave Girls with Tracy Imm podcast!

Two years ago I started to explore the world of podcasting. It all seemed so overwhelming to me and I wasn’t sure what my message was or who would even listen to my show. I spent a year just studying, researching and listening to podcasts to see what resonated with me. I probably listened to over 1,000 podcasts. I signed up for John Lee Dumas’ Podcasters’ Paradise course and I attended Podcast Movement in Chicago to more fully immerse myself. As I invested more in my education, the clearer it became that this medium was for me and what I want to contribute in the world.

Like all marketing tactics, I knew I needed a well-thought out strategy to make it work. I questioned my level of commitment to being consistent with content creation. My “why” needed to be strong and bulletproof. Part of my soul’s purpose is to train women to be stronger leaders in the world and my podcast helps to showcase these individuals and their body of work. I’m a connector that loves to bring people together. I am excited to jump into podcasting all in now.

I did all the steps in planning that John Lee Dumas and Kate Erickson recommended to include:

  • I created my strategy to include an ideal client avatar and a message map.
  • I secured the equipment, software and technical resources to produce a high quality show.
  • I hired a virtual assistant to support me on my journey.
  • I up-leveled my website with fresh branding and content.
  • I finished my second book, Conquer Shame + Claim Success to give my tribe additional strategies and ideas.
  • I interviewed 26 people who provided amazing wisdom on topics like disappointment, fear, triumph and courage. Banking my content was a great approach to ensuring I stayed consistent.

Today I stand ready to launch my podcast, Brave Girls with Tracy Imm. My plan is to drop 4 episodes in early August and then serve up one episode a week. I’d love your feedback on the podcast and if you’d like to be interviewed for the show just let me know.

Here’s to taking the next logical step on my journey in the world. #leadership #contentmarketing #podcasting

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