Cover of Tracy Imm's Book Conquer Shame and Claim Success

My second self-published book, Conquer Shame + Claim Success: 3 Keys to Abundance, Love + Leadership can help you move past any shame or guilt you may have and move towards success!

I created this self-help guide, using experiences from my own life to illustrate important messages about pursuing your professional goals and caring for others without risking burnout. My advice is both practical and empathetic. I encourage you to give yourself the same compassion and care you give your loved ones. By taking the time to get in touch with your true values and desires, you can discover your main goals in life.

I share heartwarming and thought-provoking anecdotes from my own life to teach you lessons about: identifying your key values, adopting a spiritual mantra, visualizing your future in detail, processing your emotions, discovering your personal brand, pursuing a career in your chosen profession, considering whether to consult with a life coach, caring for your loved ones, choosing an accountability partner, and letting go of anxiety and regret.

I also include wisdom from a number of professional and spiritual leaders. I show you how to take long-distance goals and formulate a plan to keep them within your reach. As you move forward on your personal, professional, and spiritual journey, my suggestions and encouragement serve as a compass to help you find your way. When you purchase the book, you are eligible for the FREE workbook of worksheets to help you CLAIM SUCCESS!



Cover of Brave Girl's Guide to Work That You Love

Confused about your next steps? Want to get clarity around your long-term vision for your career? Then look no further than The Brave Girl’s Guide to Work that You Love!

I created this short e-book as a gift to my students at Notre Dame of Maryland University. Each semester I found myself giving the same advice over and over again as my students came to me. They wondered how to transition to the next level in their career. They wanted to know how to climb the corporate ladder. I kept getting the same questions each semester. I finally created a lecture that I could give to help ease their fears and provide support. I then started giving the same talk at local PR meetings and regional conferences. Someone said, “you should write a book about this topic.” So I did.

My intention all along has been to share resources and quick action steps to get you going in the right direction. I had fun self-publishing this book and plan to continue on this path. I am so grateful for all of the feedback that I have gotten since I launched this project. I appreciate everyone who has bought the book and shared my work with others.

Since the publication of the book, I have launched a private coaching practice. In my side hustle, I help people get clarity and develop an action plan. I love this work and I want to help more people, so spread the word! When you purchase the book, you are eligible for the FREE workbook that guides you towards work that you love!


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