Be Open To Receive


Every day we have the opportunity to be open to receive what Source wants us to have.  Often times, we are so preoccupied with ruminating over the past or being anxious about the future that we forget to be in the present moment.

Over the past four months, I find myself consciously focusing on the present moment – the NOW as Eckhardt Tolle calls it. The NOW is all we have. In the NOW you are much better positioned to be open to receive.

The other evening I saw the most amazing sunset mainly because I was so OPEN and in the NOW. I pulled into a mall parking lot and snapped a photo to capture the beauty of the scene. I stood in the parking lot for several minutes and just stared at the sky. In that moment, I connected with Source and said Thank You. Thank You for bringing me into the NOW. Thank You for all that I am experiencing in my life NOW. Thank You for the lessons that I am learning NOW:

The lesson of patience.

The lesson of surrender.

The lesson of self-care.

The lesson of love for my family.

The lesson of slowing down.

I continue to tell myself that I am EXACTLY where I am supposed to be. Doing EXACTLY what God had planned for my life. As I tell myself this mantra, I settle down. I relax into the NOW. I take in the lessons that I still need to master. I marvel at the sunset that I needed to see. I await the miracles that await me.

How open to receive are YOU?

What will it take to bring you into the NOW?

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