Algeco Scotsman: Create a Global Communication Plan & Lead the International Team

“Tracy was hired to build and lead an integrated global communications function for the world’s third largest equipment rental company, Algeco Scotsman.  She quickly got the job done with 70,000 customers and 6,000 employees.”

Within a short period of time, Tracy created a unified global communications and marketing strategy for the world’s third largest equipment rental company that delivered tangible results, incorporated social media and quickly integrated acquisitions in Brazil and Australia into the company’s portfolio.  She worked with regional marketing directors to simplify and standardize the processes used for internal and external marketing and communications. She created clarity around roles and responsibilities for every major functional activity that both leveraged local expertise and elevated the company’s global brand. She developed and executed a C-suite communications program that provided the top 250 global leaders with new content (to include competitive intelligence), more frequent interactions with the CEO and furthered overall employee engagement. She led the effort to reassess the company’s digital footprint, benchmark best practices, and the creation of a two year roadmap to consolidate systems, standardize branding, and implement new digital technologies.

Tracy also created a crisis communications playbook to guide the global organization during potential crisis situations. Besides basic tactical execution, Tracy coordinated the integration of the communication function across four strategic business units and matured the firm’s public relations and employee communications capabilities.

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