Thursday, July 26
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It’s always amazes me how many people have difficulty seeing the FOREST. (And many of these people are in top positions leading large numbers of people by the way). When you can see the FOREST, you’re able to do AMAZING things for your organization. For example, if you “get” the business strategy then you can pretty quickly develop an effective marketing and communications game plan that will deliver results.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s important to talk about the trees – what kind are they, how fast do they grow, when should you cut them down, etc. The point is you can add value quicker if you step back and take in the big picture before you run off and start to execute a bunch of disconnected tactics. You elevate yourself in the eyes of your customer when you talk about FORESTRY management as opposed to being viewed as a tree trimmer.  You’re more valuable when you start with the business strategy and try to figure out the biggest pain point, whether it be attracting more customers, keeping profitable customers, raising the brand’s visibility or engaging employees. Remember, it’s all about the BIG PICTURE.

Where do we go from here?

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