Tuesday, July 15
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Jenny Fenig

Jenny Fenig leading us for Day 2 of the Business Adventure School in the Berkshires!

Yesterday and today, I am in the beautiful Berkshires with my coach Jenny Fenig and my fellow Business Adventure School buddies masterminding. It’s been such a great experience that I just had to share what this is all about. You see, I never knew that things like this existed until about two years ago (so maybe you don’t know about them either!)… I’ve been enrolled in Jenny’s one year program along with five other women from across the US. We come together several times a year to meet face to face with Jenny at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, MA to share our dreams, aspirations and to work to make them real. Jenny is our gusty guide who is on a mission to change the world. She runs a very successful six figure business and is a marketing genius. Having a coach to support me has been one of the best investments I have ever made and I believe that when you find the right mentor and you do the work, anything is possible. Since working with Jenny I have been able to gain clarity around my life purpose, gained the confidence to share my gifts, developed products and programs for organizations and individuals and along the way I’ve met some pretty amazing women.  Next time you are feeling lost and confused, think about investing in yourself with a certified coach. It’s rocked my world for sure.

  • jennyfenig

    I LOVE working with you, Tracy! I have no doubt that you will SHINE in all you do. Keep sharing your MESSAGE and MAGIC. The best is yet to come! xoxo

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