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Monday, April 4

The Maryland Chapter of Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) co-hosted a workshop last Friday at Towson University with The Cyphers Agency on the new hot topic of “visual content.” The rockstar agency team of Darren Easton, Kellie Elmerajji and Anna Forbes shared their perspectives on how to make your content visually appealing and interesting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. They share case studies and provided feedback to us on our visual content which was insightful. Here are some of the gems from the workshop: Text only communications are no longer relevant in our hyper-connected world. As professional marketing and communications leaders, we need to learn as much as possible about visual content tactics and techniques so that we can provide the best consulting to our clients. People want to be shown, not told. It’s been shown that a tweet is 150% more likely to be retweeted if it includes an image! Multi-media is […]

Tuesday, December 8
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Every day we have the opportunity to be open to receive what Source wants us to have.  Often times, we are so preoccupied with ruminating over the past or being anxious about the future that we forget to be in the present moment. Over the past four months, I find myself consciously focusing on the present moment – the NOW as Eckhardt Tolle calls it. The NOW is all we have. In the NOW you are much better positioned to be open to receive. The other evening I saw the most amazing sunset mainly because I was so OPEN and in the NOW. I pulled into a mall parking lot and snapped a photo to capture the beauty of the scene. I stood in the parking lot for several minutes and just stared at the sky. In that moment, I connected with Source and said Thank You. Thank You for bringing […]

Friday, December 4
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Have you ever pondered how the Universe knows WHEN AND WHAT to deliver? (Hint: It’s usually not something that you could have easily orchestrated either.) I marvel at these divine interventions and have learned to bless them. Today, I found myself thanking God for bringing a very special friend back into my life.  I could not be happier. I could not be more filled with JOY. Earlier this year, Gabby Bernstein taught me that joy is actually the highest vibration of energy in the Universe. I set my intentions at that moment to CHASE JOY at every opportunity. It was through a strange twist of circumstances in my personal and professional life that I have now been reunited with my friend Deanna, someone who was SUCH a big part of my teen years growing up in Harford County. I met Deanna when I was 13 — you know that awkward age […]

Thursday, December 3
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I found this little gem today while cleaning out my dad’s belongings.  It immediately took me back to sixth grade where Mr. Grimm (of Hickory Elementary School fame) made us memorize the ENTIRE poem called Desiderata (meaning that which is to be desired). I remember being so proud that I was able to nail the whole thing in front of my class. It seemed like a massive homework assignment at the time – so many words and so much to string together. Over the years, I have forgotten the vast majority of the message but re-reading it today brought me to tears. There are so many GOLDEN NUGGETS from the poet Max Ehrmann. I doubt my twelve year old self grasped all of them at the time. I believe that I was meant to come across this message today  so I can share some of the nuggets with you. Here […]

Wednesday, December 2
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As a child growing up in Bel Air, Maryland my absolute FAVORITE place to hang out was the public library on Hickory Avenue. This was long before Barnes & Noble and Amazon. > I could spend all day Saturday here. > I’d go here to do my homework when I was in John Carroll. > I’d ask my friends to meet me here. > I remember going to the children story hour with my mom and sister before we started school. There was something MAGICAL to me about this building. I stepped back into this special place today for the first time in 31 years. I immediately fell back in LOVE with my sacred container. While the county has renovated the library and expanded its footprint, it’s the same MAGICAL place. Here’s what I experienced: > Moms with toddlers were ready to enter for story time. > The staff were […]

Tuesday, August 19
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The big buzz these days in Corporate is all about how to engage your employees and it’s clear that communications teams have an opportunity to influence and change this situation. I recently got a chance to talk about this topic with my fellow Public Relations Society of America employee communications colleagues during a virtual brown bag moderated by Sean Williams. On the call, I shared with the audience that it does not need to be difficult but you do need to up your internal communications game to make an impact. A recent survey done by the Institute of Public Relations showed that 87% of communications pros state that communication has become more important these days for the overall success of their organizations. 62% say that their influence and status within the organization has increased (so let’s use it!). The bad news is that only 15% say their budgets have increased […]

Wednesday, August 6
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For 2014, I selected three words that I wanted to live by. They are: BUILD. POSITIVE. PUBLISH. Since we are half way through the year, I wanted to do a check in and review the result of my concentrated effort. As we know, we tend to set New Year’s Resolutions and then we forget about them. It’s why you stand in line for a treadmill on January 2nd but if you are still there the first week in February all the machines are readily available and if you go to the gym on August 5th you’ve just about got the entire gym to yourself. Go figure, right? So here is what I was thinking back in January when I wrote the three little yet powerful words down and where they’ve taken me. First, BUILD. This had multiple meanings for me. I knew I was going to need to build my […]

Sunday, July 27
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Ever since I was a kid, I have LOVED to read. I continue to make it part of my daily life and I am always looking to read about interesting subjects. My library at home is full of books about business, marketing, technology, change management, career development, successful living and more. My Kindle is overflowing with even more topics. I have the Kindle app on my phone so I am never far from a book! I believe that the secret to success in life is committing to always learning and growing. Now that my blog is up and running my plan is to share with you what I am reading in the hopes that you might become part of my virtual book club. [Full disclosure: As an Amazon affiliate, I may get a few shekels along the way for recommending a book or two.] I’ll be posting on a regular basis about […]

Monday, July 21
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Do you make your bed every day? I do (even when I am in a hotel traveling for business). It’s my way of telling the Universe that I am ready for the day.  I’ve been doing this simple act since I was a kid and I plan to do it for the rest of my life. As crazy as it sounds I think it matters and it gets my day off to the right start. I believe that when you make your bed, you are signaling that you can start and finish a task. You see things through. You can focus. No task is beneath you. These are all critical traits to exhibit to your clients and/or employer. You don’t have to have a military background or training to make your bed every day. Your mother probably taught you how to do it when you were little. It does not […]

Tuesday, July 15
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Yesterday and today, I am in the beautiful Berkshires with my coach Jenny Fenig and my fellow Business Adventure School buddies masterminding. It’s been such a great experience that I just had to share what this is all about. You see, I never knew that things like this existed until about two years ago (so maybe you don’t know about them either!)… I’ve been enrolled in Jenny’s one year program along with five other women from across the US. We come together several times a year to meet face to face with Jenny at the Red Lion Inn in Stockbridge, MA to share our dreams, aspirations and to work to make them real. Jenny is our gusty guide who is on a mission to change the world. She runs a very successful six figure business and is a marketing genius. Having a coach to support me has been one of […]

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