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Monday, November 13

Today I spoke to students at the University of Baltimore as part of the Alumni office’s Backpack to Briefcase program to share my opinions about what it takes to succeed as a business communicator in today’s world. The world is so vastly different from my undergraduate days but there are still some common factors that ring true. Here’s what I shared with the students: What does it take to get hired into this profession? The number one factor is your DESIRE! How hungry are you and are you willing to do what it takes? It’s competitive out there so you have to really WANT to be in this field of marketing and communicators or you just won’t make it. While there are many more opportunities, there is just as much competition with smart, savvy talented creatives. I also believe that now more than ever, you need to be able to […]

Monday, April 4

The Maryland Chapter of Public Relations Society of America (PRSA) co-hosted a workshop last Friday at Towson University with The Cyphers Agency on the new hot topic of “visual content.” The rockstar agency team of Darren Easton, Kellie Elmerajji and Anna Forbes shared their perspectives on how to make your content visually appealing and interesting on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Google Plus, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. They share case studies and provided feedback to us on our visual content which was insightful. Here are some of the gems from the workshop: Text only communications are no longer relevant in our hyper-connected world. As professional marketing and communications leaders, we need to learn as much as possible about visual content tactics and techniques so that we can provide the best consulting to our clients. People want to be shown, not told. It’s been shown that a tweet is 150% more likely to be retweeted if it includes an image! Multi-media is […]

Tuesday, May 13
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In teaching my undergraduate students, I have found that many of them do not have a LinkedIn profile despite their social media savvy. In today’s hyper connected world, LinkedIn still remains one of the most used sites by recruiters and people actually do find jobs using LinkedIn. It’s important to spend time thinking about the content that you want to post to LinkedIn. The number one item I always recommend is a picture and list of schools you attended (and hopefully graduated from!). Think about the keywords that your ideal job description would include and make sure you have examples of your accomplishments in these areas. When describing your results and prior work experience, it’s important to list tangible business benefits. Seek testimonials from clients and former co-workers. So if you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, go get one. If you already have one, it may be time for […]

Wednesday, March 13
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I think I am officially hooked on Pinterest. Addicted. Yup. It’s like a drug. But better. Each experience is different. New people to follow. New boards to create. New images to pin. There’s ALWAYS something new and I think that’s the beauty of Pinterest. At first, I could not understand what the big deal was and I thought it was just the next social media BSO (bright shiny object). That was until I got myself started and now I can’t stop. It’s my guilty pleasure each night before I turn in and call it a day. There really is truth to the concept that we are visually oriented.  And Pinterest has latched onto that in a big way. Today Pinterest announced its new analytics tool – I guess the big question is “what am I really getting out of this new social media tool and how can I monetize it?” Some sources […]

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