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Monday, November 13

Today I spoke to students at the University of Baltimore as part of the Alumni office’s Backpack to Briefcase program to share my opinions about what it takes to succeed as a business communicator in today’s world. The world is so vastly different from my undergraduate days but there are still some common factors that ring true. Here’s what I shared with the students: What does it take to get hired into this profession? The number one factor is your DESIRE! How hungry are you and are you willing to do what it takes? It’s competitive out there so you have to really WANT to be in this field of marketing and communicators or you just won’t make it. While there are many more opportunities, there is just as much competition with smart, savvy talented creatives. I also believe that now more than ever, you need to be able to […]

Wednesday, May 14
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If you’ve ever thought about speaking from the stage, my advice is DO IT. Public speaking can be a great way to get your name out there, raise your visibility in your industry and position you as an expert in your field. All of these can lead to bigger and better paying opportunities. When you first get started, you’ll most likely speak for free and to smaller audiences or to groups of individuals that do what you do. This is how most people get started. There are also coaches out there who can work with you to develop your signature talk, craft a compelling personal narrative and find opportunities to present. I have worked with Regina D’Alesio and Jennifer Ransaw-Smith to hone my public speaking and personal brand speeches. One of my personal goals in 2013 was to find opportunities to get in front of groups of either communications students […]

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