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Tuesday, October 10
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I give THANKS for a new day and all of the ABUNDANCE that the Universe has bestowed upon me. As I reflect on my past, stay present in the NOW and plan for the future I realize that my true PASSIONS include: ***International travel where I can learn about other cultures. This year I have ventured to Costa Rico and Tulum, Mexico. Both of these trips taught me so much about the world. More importantly I came to know my soul on a deeper level… and I became aware of who I am here to serve in this lifetime. (Got any recommendations for my next trip?) ***Teaching and coaching women how to become better leaders. You might not know but I’ve launched a private coaching practice this year. I have enrolled several women who said YES to my invitation to pursue THEIR PASSIONS. This work SETS me on FIRE. I […]

Monday, October 9
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From my HEART to you…. My HEART is full when I am near the sea. I connect more deeply with the Universe as I see the vastness of the world and what is not seen. I come to realize how small my first world problems really are. It puts so much in perspective for me. My HEART is full when I write. Even if it never gets published or read, my heart is full. Words flow through me. My message most of the time is for me. I just happen to share it sometimes with others on social media. My HEART is full when I see people helping other people. Especially as we have experienced so much natural disaster in the past few weeks. Humans helping humans is what matters. My HEART is full when I hear about my family and friends celebrating milestones like graduations, weddings and new babies. […]

Thursday, November 24
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No matter how carefully you plan your goals, they will never be more than pipe dreams unless you pursue them with gusto. – Clement Stone Here’s my #GetGutsy story: One of the gutsiest things I have ever done happened when I was 19 years old and a completely broke college student. I packed a few outfits into a green canvas duffle bag from Sunny’s Surplus, bought a one-way ticket to London, withdrew my life savings of $800 from my bank account and then hopped on a plane bound for London via New York out of Baltimore-Washington airport. I planned to live in England for five months. I knew no one. The only thing I knew for sure was that I had a bed at 7 Bedford Place in Bloomsbury. I was registered to take four liberal arts classes at the University of London, Kings College, which I also knew very little about. […]

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