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Tuesday, August 19
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The big buzz these days in Corporate is all about how to engage your employees and it’s clear that communications teams have an opportunity to influence and change this situation. I recently got a chance to talk about this topic with my fellow Public Relations Society of America employee communications colleagues during a virtual brown bag moderated by Sean Williams. On the call, I shared with the audience that it does not need to be difficult but you do need to up your internal communications game to make an impact. A recent survey done by the Institute of Public Relations showed that 87% of communications pros state that communication has become more important these days for the overall success of their organizations. 62% say that their influence and status within the organization has increased (so let’s use it!). The bad news is that only 15% say their budgets have increased […]

Wednesday, August 6
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For 2014, I selected three words that I wanted to live by. They are: BUILD. POSITIVE. PUBLISH. Since we are half way through the year, I wanted to do a check in and review the result of my concentrated effort. As we know, we tend to set New Year’s Resolutions and then we forget about them. It’s why you stand in line for a treadmill on January 2nd but if you are still there the first week in February all the machines are readily available and if you go to the gym on August 5th you’ve just about got the entire gym to yourself. Go figure, right? So here is what I was thinking back in January when I wrote the three little yet powerful words down and where they’ve taken me. First, BUILD. This had multiple meanings for me. I knew I was going to need to build my […]

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