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Wednesday, May 21
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It’s been proven in research that people are more likely to remember your message when you include a visual element. Unless you have access to talented graphic designers you run the risk that your message gets lost in the sauce with your audience. I recently stumbled upon a new tool called Canva that solves this issue relatively easily. There are oodles of templates that you can pick from to create your visual element. It’s free to open an account and of course there are a few paid features that you can elect to use if you want to get really fancy. Canva also has video tutorials that are easy to follow and if you sign up for their email list you get updates, tips and tricks to get more proficient. So if you are looking for a low-cost option to creating graphics without looking amateur, Canva may be a good […]

Wednesday, May 21
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I realized today that I need to develop a well thought out mobile strategy for my employer to effectively communicate with employees, including field peeps. At today’s PRSA Connect14 conference today in Chicago, I listened to Jeff Corbin speak on this topic (which I had been somewhat pondering but now it’s a priority!). His company, theComms app, has developed an app that companies can deploy and use fairly easily. Its downloadable from both iTunes and GooglePlay and can be branded with your company look and feel. Depending on your communications objective, you can decide what type of content you want to make available. The growth of iPhones and Androids over the past two years has made this solution the answer to a challenge many corporate communicators face. As a communicator, you are constantly trying to get messages out and get real and actionable feedback from workers who don’t slave behind […]

Wednesday, May 14
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If you’ve ever thought about speaking from the stage, my advice is DO IT. Public speaking can be a great way to get your name out there, raise your visibility in your industry and position you as an expert in your field. All of these can lead to bigger and better paying opportunities. When you first get started, you’ll most likely speak for free and to smaller audiences or to groups of individuals that do what you do. This is how most people get started. There are also coaches out there who can work with you to develop your signature talk, craft a compelling personal narrative and find opportunities to present. I have worked with Regina D’Alesio and Jennifer Ransaw-Smith to hone my public speaking and personal brand speeches. One of my personal goals in 2013 was to find opportunities to get in front of groups of either communications students […]

Tuesday, May 13
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In teaching my undergraduate students, I have found that many of them do not have a LinkedIn profile despite their social media savvy. In today’s hyper connected world, LinkedIn still remains one of the most used sites by recruiters and people actually do find jobs using LinkedIn. It’s important to spend time thinking about the content that you want to post to LinkedIn. The number one item I always recommend is a picture and list of schools you attended (and hopefully graduated from!). Think about the keywords that your ideal job description would include and make sure you have examples of your accomplishments in these areas. When describing your results and prior work experience, it’s important to list tangible business benefits. Seek testimonials from clients and former co-workers. So if you don’t already have a LinkedIn profile, go get one. If you already have one, it may be time for […]

Wednesday, May 7
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Corporate Social Responsibility or CSR activities are a big part of how companies extend their brand and get credit for the good deeds of its employees. Something I’ve learned over the years of doing CSR work is that it does not have to be complicated or overly scripted and organized to make a Public Relations (PR) splash. For example, groups of employees can self-organize their teams to give back to charities or non-profits that are close to their hearts by doing simple things like ice cream socials, dine arounds (where a percentage of sales go to a charity) or even walks that benefit and fund research to find cures for diseases that have afflicted the employees or their family members. Capturing the impact of volunteer hours and donated dollars is what PR teams should focus on. When you compile these types of activities into an annual CSR report that can […]

Tuesday, May 6
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“If it is important to you, you will find a way. If not, you’ll find an excuse.” I saw this quote and it reminded me that I had not made blogging important to me and I have been full of excuses. That’s why I’ve been radio silent since I launched my blog two years ago. Well guess what? I need to make it important and I need to find the time to do it. I had a great conversation this morning with my coach Jenny Fenig who reminded me to Just Do It and why blogging would be good for my soul. And you know what? She’s right. So I am now going to take this first step. Get back on the horse. Show up and share my content. See where it will go. Trust the process. All that good touchy feely stuff. I do have a lot to share […]

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