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Friday, May 31
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I’m blown away by the RESULTS students achieve in Jenny Fenig’s program the Live Your Dream Challenge. It’s wild (AND I AM A GRADUATE!) Jenny has been sharing these results in a Gutsy Success Series these last few weeks on her blog and I’m totally amazed at what happens to these gals when they DECIDE to take their dreams seriously and invest in their purpose. Here’s a sampling: One quit her “good on paper,” yet unfulfilling job to follow her passion and trained to become a life coach Another found her voice in her business and started using it with her male business partners. Her biz is growing by leaps and bounds. One booked a bunch of speaking gigs and got hired as a professor at two top-notch colleges (THAT WOULD BE ME!) Another realized she was tired of doing everything herself and started building her dream team (in biz […]

Thursday, May 16
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One of the things I have learned is that writing great copy is ESSENTIAL— no matter what industry you are in. It’s also one of the things that will hold you back in your marketing and communications career. In my experience, the people who could write interesting copy ALWAYS stood out – even if the content was the most technical, boring, non-compelling information you ever came across. It’s also the number one skill that I mentor junior people to develop and focus their energy on. You want your customers and employees to understand what you need them to do, believe or buy. We are drowning in information and so you want your information to STAND OUT and not contribute to the noise.

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